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Hi, welcome to the CamCam. The Clever IP Camera App testing family

Upcycle your old Android phone into a clever surveillance camera. The App uses state of the art AI machine learning to only record when objects are detected. E.g. People, vehicles or animals. Overcomes problems with traditional 'motion detect' cameras that trigger on wind blowing bushes, lighting changes, rain, insects etc. Requires a CamaC account to view the results. Free trial subscriptions available to test your phone for suitability. Nothing to pay unless you choose to sign up. => Simple to configure and run. => Secure. All settings and data transfer are encrypted using modern cyphers => AI Object Detection means fewer false alrams => Choose detections from People, Vehicles, Animals or Birds. => Better than other solutions where Internet bandwidth is restricted => Access your results from anywhere using a web browser => All free while in beta testing :-)

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